We are the Innovation Center of the University of Santiago de Chile, as part of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research, Development and Innovation. We promote university-business links and incubate science-based and technological businesses.

Our history:

On March 28, 2005, by Exempt Resolution No. 856, the University of Santiago de Chile created the Center for Technological Innovation INNOVATTEC-USACH.

In November 2006, with the new Rector, Dr. Juan Manuel Zolezzi, INNOVATTEC changed its direction and became the INNOVO USACH Innovation and Technology Transfer Center. Thus, it becomes the main entity of the university in charge of operating as a platform that promotes and manages technology and engineering projects, as well as development and innovation in conjunction with the business sector, private, governmental and municipal institutions, generating a link contribution to the innovation ecosystem in Chile.

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We are the only incubator in Chile that works in a special way with local entrepreneurship within the same university: DESPEGA USACH.

We actively work in collaboration networks within the national territory.

In 2019 we rethink the customer experience and decided to reinvent ourselves, giving our maximum efforts and technical, professional and financial skills to achieve the best experience for the ventures that we have incubated at the university, and also for private companies too.

We have a wide network of collaborators in the industry, including many professionals who studied at USACH University.

In times of pandemic, since March 2020, we were the first incubator to hold free talks for the community, more than a thousand people have already registered for our events: digital marketing, finance and digital media workshops, to help entrepreneurs with their business.

We actively work in our own work team to agilely take on each of the challenges that appear year-after-year, adapting and fulfilling our commitments.


We have strategic relationships that give value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chile:

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At Innovo we empower, undertake and innovate for Chile. We take a three-pronged approach in our mission, namely:


Improving the well-being and quality of life of people.


Generation of wealth, being a key actor in helping our entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and grow.


Committed to generating value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We want to be the first business hub in Chile with at least 50% of University ventures by 2021. Our value is distinctive in university entrepreneurship in Chile, committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation from within the USACH to the market, towards the society. Strengthening links between the University, the private, public and social world.


Our promise

We want to be key allies of entrepreneurs who give value and want to improve our country, and actively impact the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our team is committed to getting the best results from our local and private university entrepreneurs.


INNOVO experience (ex innovo 2020):

We care deeply about our entrepreneurs and this is demonstrated by regular interaction with members of our team and mentors.

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One of our key objectives is to promote entrepreneurship and innovations to help Chilean society.
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We are part of the department for Research, Development and Innovation of the University of Santiago de Chile. Since its creation in 1988, the department has dedicated itself exclusively to the advancement of scientific and technological excellence that has societal, environmental and cultural benefits.
Santiago University department VRIDEI - Vicerrectoría de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación (VRIDEI) - is currently responsible for generating and applying research policies, in addition to coordinating all the actions carried out by the University in the field of scientific research.
We belong to a complete university ecosystem, in which we can develop projects jointly with other institutions.

Our USACH Network

Since 2014 we have been working with DGT with the main DESPEGA USACH university entrepreneurship contest. Students from various faculties have participated and prospered immensely from this - so much so, that three of students turned entrepreneurs have been awarded sizeable SSAF funds.

We also participate in the government funded programme Fondecyt VIU - doing technical and commercial monitoring of the projects.
We are also in contact with the Vice-Chancellor for Liaison with the Environment, Faculty of Engineering.


Innovo USACH ecosystem

Our network is made up of expert professionals committed to the advancement and development of each enterprise and innovation. Our team have unparalleled experience in their chosen fields.

Professionals from various disciplines.
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Local and external entrepreneurs.
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Expert professionals.
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