At Innovo we are adept and accustomed to innovation. We have 14 years of experience contributing to entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile - especially in the fields of science and technology and we support entrepreneurs from all over the country. We have the USACH seal, as a University we have a network of laboratories and pilot projects where you can develop your business plan, ideas and, ultimately, your future.


We have a varied range of services including:
USACH Student Benefits

We have direct contact with faculties and various vice-rectories, to offer bespoke support.

USACH Official Benefits

Direct network for officials wishing to create an enterprise.

Talks and Workshops

We have extensive experience in training and education events, online or face-to-face.

Benefits for external entrepreneurs

Network and mentoring as well as direct contact with all our professionals.

Private companies that want to innovate

Generation of value for companies that wish to innovate, export or improve their products or services.


Services to startups and companies

Depending on the degree of development of your business, you can access some of our programs:

If you have questions about what stage you are in, and how we can help you, fill out the following form and our expert team will evaluate it and contact you within 24 hours.

Pre evaluation of projects

Pre-Incubation Program: Despega USACH

Startups Services
The main USACH university competition that stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship in our community. 6 years of operation, with great experiences and companies already operating in the market.

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360 diagnosis

Startups Services
It consists of an initial active interview with experts from the Innovo Usach Center, where the exploratory conversation will focus on 5 key pillars of a science and technology-based company: Business Concept, Customer Relations, Operations, Product or Service and Organization.

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Incubation and acceleration program - YoINNOVO

Startups Services
You already started your company then, with our 2 + 2 Model we can incubate companies that already have their prototype validated, with first sales until they take off, business model, mentoring and scale or export their products or services.

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Softlanding to start in Chile

Startups Services
If you are a foreigner and you are prospecting the Chilean market, here we support you in the first stages of the business. INNOVO's Softlanding program is based on the particularities of the Chilean ecosystem and the idiosyncrasy of business for the establishment of foreign companies with investment and scaling potential in Chile.

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Growth Program-Di3 for SMEs

Business Services
If you want to innovate in your company, this is the ideal advice to grow and export.
Our program goes exclusively to SMEs, which in their strategy, marketing, business model and value proposition: Ambition to grow, export and enhance their value offer.

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Bamboo program

Business Services
If you want to continue differentiating or make internal improvements, and you need support to specify the ideas or actions, we support you in innovation processes. We are your partner in innovation.

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Talks and Workshops Services

We have the experience of more than 14 years in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem, a wide network of professionals to generate instances, talks or workshops that generate value for entrepreneurs, companies and trade associations. Online or in person.
We were the first to do online chats during the pandemic. Since March 2020, more than a thousand people have already seen us!

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Requirements and stages

If you are a student, an entrepreneur, an already established company, or a body that wants to learn and train innovation strategies, keep in mind for each one, you should consider meeting the following requirements:
USACH student

Every year we make a call to participate in DESPEGA USACH. In such an event you can choose to apply at an early or advanced stage, depending on the status of your idea / project.

Private company:

If you want to innovate or train your work team, we can help you with our 360 advice or training and / or workshops. You must have sales over 2,500 UF a year to qualify for services such as Di3 for SMEs.

State agency:

If you want to innovate or train your work team, we can help you with our 360 advice or training and / or workshops.

Entrepreneur / startup:

You must have PMV from validation status, we can help you find financing or scale your business. Through 360 Consulting we can detect shortcomings to work on and new possibilities for your product or service.

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Every year we are convening the entire entrepreneurship community to opt for various financing funds.
For the UdeSantiago community we have a special call:
Despega USACH.
Despega USACH

The main annual internal UdeSantiago competition to promote entrepreneurship and innovation for undergraduate and graduate students. Now in its 6th version, it contemplates a portfolio of projects in various stages of development: Early and Advanced Phase, with prizes in money and international trips to develop each project.
More information on their website.