Our team is committed to client satisfaction - providing value and agility to the entrepreneur and their business. They are experts in their field who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Innovo Directory

Made up of outstanding professionals from our studio house.

Raúl Benavente


Dr. Julio Romero


Dr. Óscar Bustos


Dr. Pedro Palominos


Alberto Sfeir


Dr. Karina Arias


Eduardo Nazer


Maria José Galotto

Vice-Director of Research, Development and Innovation


Link to USACH and overview of the center.

Verónica Cespedes


Gastón García

Strategy Coordinator

New business

The section in charge of new business possibilities, alliances and new sales as well as follow-up and customer service.

Sebastián Callejas

New Business Leader

Paola Peña

Technical executive

Technical executive in charge of portfolio projects and supporting the achievement of goals and objectives of the project and the INNOVO Center.

Diffusion and culture coordination

The arm of the INNOVO Center that is in charge of communications and contact with the media. It promotes and organizes events as helps with communication and marketing strategies for our entrepreneurs.

Iván Rosales

Communications Manager

Head of advertising and marketing processes at the INNOVO Center and its projects.

Iván Rivera

Communicational Support

Professional in the communications area in charge of managing dissemination, advertising and marketing processes of the INNOVO Center and its projects.

Administration and finance

The team handles Human Resources and Administration at the INNOVO Center as well as financial monitoring for our clients.

Rodrigo Venegas

Head of Finance and Human Resources.

Responsible for and managing the incubator’s financial operations.

Natalia Álvarez

Administrative and Financial Assistant

Supports the administrative operation of our hub within the university, other departments as well as assisting the Head of Administration and Finance.