The pro-chancellor of the time, Don Pedro Narvarte, supported the creation of our INNOVO Centre, and whose direction was commanded by Ms. Maria Teresa Santander. The first unit of the center was USACH Prorectory.

The first team of Innovo Center circa 2006.
Front row (seated from left to right): Lisbeth Simon, Cristian González, Maria Teresa Santander (Director) and Mauricio Fernández.

Second row (standing from left to right): Verónica Céspedes, Daniela González, Laura Lillo, Verónica Roa, Gabriela Rivera and María Soledad Melej.

The team grew and changed over the years - and also included various professionals such as - Raúl Benavente, Alberto Sfeir, Victor Sanza and Pedro Palominos.

Circa 2014

Sales Workshop 2018 (Innovo team and entrepreneurs)


Since being founded, the Innovo Center has worked and gained experience with key organisations and stakeholders of USACH (Vice-presidents and various faculties).
It has forged strong links with Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystem with the likes of CORFO, GORE, SUBDERE, SERCOTEC, SENCE, and PROCHILE.
There has also been various joint projects with countless Chilean municipalities as well as co-operation with other innovation centers and public and private entrepreneurship - here in Chile and also abroad.

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